A Guide To Install A Peep Hole In A Door!

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Having a Peep Hole is something very essential. It let you know who is on the other side of the door, without opening it. But what if you have shifted to a new house or flat which doesn't have a peep hole in the front door? Not a problem. You can now get it done yourself. Read on to learn how.

Install A Peep Hole In A Door

Knock! Knock! (at the midnight)… you ask ‘Who's there?', but there is no reply and you are all in fear. Of course you are scared to open the door as you don't know who's in the opposite side. Might be a surprise visit from the friend, but what if there is a burglar?

Well, this is not to set a terror among the readers. But, yes you cannot deny from the fact that it can happen to anyone. However, this problem can be simplified easily. To know who's on the other side of the door, all you need is a peep hole.

What Is A Peep Hole?

Basically, it is an inexpensive security feature which can be easily installed to your front door. Your door might be of wood, steel, fiberglass or a composite material; this feature can be added to any type. It allows a person inside the door to view someone on the opposite side, i.e. he can now determine whether it is safe to open the door or not, whenever there is a knock. It is highly essential these days. Especially, for those homes which don't have any nearby windows to allow a view of the doorstep.

How To Install A Peep Hole?

So, now you know that installing a peep hole in your door is a quick and smart way to add a little extra security to your house. Before installing, you need to understand that the peep hole is composed of two eye ports. You have to fix one on each side of the door, screwing them together in the middle. You will need few tools and materials like:

Tape measure
Silicone sealant
Door viewer kit
Step ladder
Drill bit
Safety glasses

You can divide the installation into three sections. Learn how you can do it:

Start Measurement: With a tape you need to determine the height at which you want to install the peep hole. As such there is no appropriate height. You have to ensure that it is according to the height of every family member, including children.

Now you need a spade bit to drill a hole marked. While the power drills fit bits with a shaft, a spade bit due to its thinner shaft allow you to bore the larger-hole diameter, which is a must have to install a viewer.

Just select the appropriate size of spade to bore the diameter of the required for the view. Generally the product's installation instructions guide you about the size of the hole.

Start Drilling: Start slowly from the exterior side of the door. You need to be very cautious doing this. As soon as the tip of the bit sticks through the interior surface, stop drilling. You have to make a pilot hole all the way through the door. It will serve as a guide for drilling. Now using the pilot hole drill another hole halfway into the door from another side.

Start Installing: There are two parts you need to place well, i.e. the lens and barrel. While the lens is the part with which you thread on the outside, the barrel need to thread from the inside. From the exterior side of the door, you can insert the lens into the hole. Later, insert the barrel from the interior side, then hand-thread the viewer together. You can apply a bead of silicone sealant around the lens. It will seal out moisture or use a tool to help tighten the unit.

So, you are done with the peep hole. By installing a door viewer, your mind rests with added peace and sense of security to your home. Now no more surprises come late night. You can open the door once you check who's there!