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6 Types of High Security Locks!

6 Types of High Security Locks!

07 October 2015 by: admin   /   0 Comments   /   Categories: Locks, Locksmith

The recent rise in the demand of a reliable and professional locksmith has left people wondering the reason behind it. Whether you are a homeowner or you own a car or any business, you are always worried for their security. For making them safe you need a locksmith. But, what you ignore is that basically you need highly secured locks. These locks are then installed by professionals to make your property secure. Hence, before you hire a locksmith it is important to learn a little more about high security locks.

High Security Locks

Are you worried for your home's security? Or you are really tensed to make you workplace safe? It is understood that the commercial, automotive and residential properties are highly important to you. And your concern for their safety is obvious. But what efforts do you really put?

Most of the homemakers and business persons start looking for a good, affordable and reliable locksmith service in the area. Well, that's a great start. However, this is not sufficient. You need to be smart enough to differentiate between the different types of high security locks available in the market.

Here is a list of security locks to help you make a better decision:

Hasp: This one consists of an anchoring bolt and a metal hinge. Usually used or gates, sheds and garages. It can be recognized by the concealed mounting screws. When the padlock is inserted through the ring, it locks to secure the hasp.

Barrel Bolt: With surface mounted on both sides, this lock comes with a sliding lock mechanism. It is a high choice for those who are looking for decorative finishes, with shinier surface or universal strikes. It offers security to the average weight doors and windows. Another type of locks has spring action, which holds the bolt in place.

Combination Lock: Formed from hardened solid steel alloys, these serve to be a better locks choice with shackles. In this case, you need to dial a combination in order to open the lock.

Pin-Tumbler Padlock: Proffering the highest security for your valuables, the pin-tumbler locks come with a mechanism which is really hard to break. Generally, it comes five or more pins to provide the best security. These locks are made of hardened solid steel and steel alloys. In some places you will also get the solid extruded brass padlocks. Although, these are more resistant to rust, yet they are less preferred because they can be damaged more easily.

Cable Lock: Available in different models, some of the cable locks have a chain or cable permanently. It can be used in a variety of applications to lock and secure your valuables. It makes use of the combination of a lock and cable, where the cable has a protective plastic coating.

Tubular Cylinder Padlock: Often it is used electronic security systems and provides several key changes just by replacing the cylinder. You can use them for your motorcycles and expensive bikes too. In this, pins are arranged in a circle and the key is cylindrical.

Nowadays, there are a number of companies offering professional locksmith services. Some of them really have a list of trained and qualified locksmiths, proficient enough to offer you the excellent services. Still there is a need to be alert. You need to be careful when selecting a locksmith and lock both. Your locksmith might advice you for the most expensive one, but no one understand your needs better than you. Thus, the final decision is yours!